Company history

Welcome to the Elsner Dent Ltd.

The almost 20 years of experience on the field of injection moulding tool construction and the machine park at his disposal, motivated the owner of Elsner Ltd. to get into competition of other fields. Based on the experience acquired on professional exhibitions, he searched solutions for the deficiencies observed in the dental market.

Our machine park offers state of the art machining solutions for the professional problems of dental technicians and dentists. Because of this, we established the Elsner Dent dental milling center which primarily aims to provide a stable background for digital dentistry. Our world-class CAD/CAM systems enable our partners to have cutting edge design and manufacture methods at their disposal. Our milling center deals with personally customized abutments, transitive holed crowns and bridges, both cement retained ones and for various implant systems as well. Our products made from the best and latest materials used in the dentistry nowadays (zirconia, cobalt-chromium, titanium, poly(methyl methacrylate), polyetheretherketone). Thanks to this we can meet the demands for the customers, who greatly evaluate the precise manufacturing technologies and the high quality products.

Elsner Dent Ltd. pay close attention to innovation, and because of this, we constantly upgrade our products. Under a short period of time, our company represented itself with significant improvements on the dental market. The Elsner company group developed its innovative solutions on the field of screwed transitive hole prosthesis, and the success of these innovations are confirmed by the many works done by Elsner Dent Ltd. We offer unique solution for those situations, where the implants have an unfavourable alignment, which creates significant difficulties for the implementation of the abutment. The Elsner System’s patent protected innovations are the arched screw channel (Dent Advance Plus), Vario-Dock, and Vario-Dock Plus, the universal impression posts and our special casting moulds. These new innovations satisfy the esthetical and quality demands of both the patient and the dentists. This is our company’s solution for the long sought answers for the dental profession‘s old problems, which are available in a wide variety from now on.

We sustain of system according to the MSZ EN ISO13485:2012 standard, to ensure the quality what expected from us.