Company history


With a record-breaking 2,201 exhibitors from 56 countries and more than 138,500 visitors from 151 countries, the 36th International Dental Show 2015 came to a close. With an international share of 70 percent on the exhibitor side and 17 percent on the visitor side, the internationality of the event was expanded once again. Let's meet in Cologne in 2017 from March 21 to 25 at the world's leading trade fair for the dental industry!


Welcome to Elsner Dent Ltd.!

Based on 20 years of CAD-CAM experience at Elsner Ltd and building on its commitment for innovative solutions and focus on high-precision manufacturing, the Elsner Dent division was created in response to challenges posed by modern dentistry.

Our patented and high-precision system is there to solve the professional problems of dentists and dental technicians.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and our CE, ISO14001, ISO13485, ISO9001 and MSZ EN ISO13485:2012 certified manufacturing and development environment conforms to the highest standards.

Our products reach our customers in a condition of guaranteed quality, which is the result of continuous quality control in production and management, complying with the above listed standards.

Besides producing cement or screw retained crowns, bridges and custom-made structures, our world-class CAD-CAM system offers revolutionary solutions from simple to very complex cases.

ELSNER DENT Ltd is fully committed to innovation, which means we are continuously developing our products. To date, this policy has already brought a number of important innovations to the dental market. For example, the Elsner group has developed an innovative system in dental implant prosthetics, specially in the field of screw-retained restorations. We offer unmatched solutions to overcome the difficulties of the screw retained supra-structures on compromised position dental implants.

The patented innovations of Elsner System include Vario-Tube (arched screw channel), Vario-Dock (universal abutment), Vario-Dock Plus (universal abutment combined with arched screw channel), Vario-Coping (universal impression coping) and Vario-Cast (axis-correction casting moulds). These new solutions were created in answer to the aesthetic and quality expectations of professionals and patients and represent our response to the challenges posed by dentists and dental technicians. Our system makes dental procedure easier, more affordable, and more accurate, and now it is fully available on the market.